Fantastically wonderful things about Korea

I got a tweet from my friend Brian wondering if it was true that McDonald’s delivers here. Honestly, I had forgotten what a novelty that was, so my friends and I put together this list  of fantastically wonderful things in Korea.

1. Mc Donald’s delivers to your apartment.

2. Service- free things you get for buying something. Examples are free coffee, snacks, ice cream, notebooks, socks, ice coolers, cotton wool, food, gum, vitamin drinks, just about anything really.

3. Pizza in a cup- I’ve never had this but my friend Sean guarantees me that it is available in Daegu.

4. Soda with chicken poppers on top- What a classic. You can get a fizzy drink (I copied the word soda from my fb comment) with little chicken poppers on top. Brilliant! Just walking around eating my chicken and drinking my drink.

5. Phone Charging convenience stores- You’re out and about and your battery dies. What do you do? Head over to the nearest convenience store who will charge up your phone for 1,000won. That’s like  67 cent  to get your phone charged. Fantastical.


6. All of the bangs. The word for room in Korean is “bang”. If you want to play a few video games with your friends or don’t have a computer head over to the PC bang. Cheap and they are everywhere. There is also a DVD bang, multi bang (where you can play games or sing or watch movies) and of course the norebang. No night out is ever truly complete without a visit to the Karaoke room. Cheap, reliable, convenient, fantastical. The final bang is a ijmjilbang or a bath house. You can go in and enjoy the steam rooms, jacuzzi and even sleep overnight should you need to. All for the low low price of (depending on how long you stay) 12,000won.

7. The scrubbing adjummas- If you go to a jimjilbang, you can get a body scrub as an optional extra. Some adjummas are great, a great big of craic but other totally aren’t. Either way, at the end your skin is as good as new.

8. Reading glasses- There are reading glasses available in banks, post offices and airports should you need a little extra help filling out your forms.

9. 대리 운전- If you have a car but are too tired or drunk to drive home, you simply call this service and someone will drive you and your car home. Brilliant.


10. The magic bell- Most restaurants in Korea have a bell on each table. You simply press the bell when you want something and they come straight over. I’ve also been reliably informed that in some places you can even get beer and soju buttons. You press the button depending on the number of bottles you want brought over.

11. Drinking- Beer and soju can be bought at any convenience store and drank anywhere at any time. You don’t get any strange looks for having a little drink in public.

12. Themed cafes- Korea has a bride cafe, sheep cafe, cat cafe, dog cafe,Hello Kitty cafe, the list simply goes on.


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