All you need to know about Geumchon

So I don’t know what people think when they hear that they’ll be in Geumchon for a year.  Most people figure that if it’s not Seoul then clearly we have nothing of any interest/use in Geumchon. Before we get going let’s watch this video, made a few years ago by te boys at E.V.

 So here’s what you need to know;

1. There’s an Emart; Clearly Emart is the best thing since sliced bread.   A trip here will have you sorted with anything you need, food, clothing, makeup, jewellery, household items, stationary, party supplies, you get the idea…………

2. You will never go hungry; no matter what your budget you can find all kinds of delicious food in Geumchon.  Kimbap Nara is the best place if you dont speak Korean but have read this; We also have all sorts of Galbi restaurants and chicken places and about 12 million pizza stores so never a fear of famine…..And then theres the Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Cafe Tiamo.  No Starbucks yet but I’m sure we’ll eventually get one. 

3. Subway; Of course. Only 40 minutes to Seoul station (one train per hour) and 35 minutes from DMC (every 15/20 minutes).  We have 2 stations, Geumneung and Geumchon depending on which part you live in.

4. Buses; Yes, buses going to everywhere you care to go………

5. Bowling Alley; Near Geumchon station is a bowling alley.  Be careful what time you go in at though because the Geumchon Bowling team actually practice a lot. 

6. Hospital; Like at least 10.  Most have a 24 hour emergency room and most can speak enough English to get the point across. 

7. Pharmacy: Loads.  Most of them speak super English so your over the counter medicines are no problem. 

8. Shopping; This is my favourite pastime.  Not only do we have 1 premium outlet in Paju but due to the cheap price of land, we now have 2. It makes for seriously happy shopping and you can get all the usual foreign brands.

9. Sports/exercise; We also have Paju Stadium for anyone energetic enough to run laps of a track or play soccer etc.  If you’re more the gym type there are literally gyms all over the place, just take your pick.  Theres also a beautiful river walk that runs from Bongilcheon to Geumchon and a great place to cycle bikes, take a walk or run in the summer. 

Well tht’s it.  I literally can’t think of anything else. If you think of anything, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!