Be a Korean in 8 easy steps

Have you always wanted to be Korea but never known how? Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way!

1. You must never eat unless there is a sufficient quantity of Kimchi available.  The same goes for rice.  You should eat both for every meal.  You should also be of the opinion that Kimchi alone is a delicious meal.  You should think the same for rice.

2. You must use the latest smart phone technology ; Then you must spend all your available time on said technology.  You should spend a good portion of this time taking pictures of yourself with your phone.  There should be other members of the public around you when you take the necessary 20 pictures.

3. You must wear the largest available glasses;   The glasses should be so big that it becomes difficult for anyone to actually locate your eyes.

4. If you are a girl, you must wear short shorts; In fact it should be a belt, in the sub-zero conditions and then complain that its cold. If you’re a male, you should stand close to your significant other with a fleece blanket.

5. You must fall into a deep sleep on the public transport and then wake up just as you pull in to your stop. This is a skill so if you’re foreign you should practice.

6.Perfect the 애교 (Aegyo);    Here’s a video that explains it to anyone not in Korea-  You must also perfect your whining voice and use it at every available opportunity like this guy demonstrates; When you pose for pictures you should only pose using your aegyo

7. You should use slang.i.e.짱 (chang), 대박,(dae bak) and lets not forget 헐!!!!!! (hul) This lady confirms my thoughts on slang.

8. You must possess “the gear”. For every hobby you have, you must be in possession of the correct gear.  If you like hiking you should wear and use every available item required for hiking.  The same goes for soccer, tennis, swimming and so on.

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