Whatawaygook needs you! Help get me to the Blog Awards Ireland final!

I cannot believe I made it to this year’s Blog Awards Ireland shortlist for Best Diaspora blog.Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. It’s because of you that I made it this far.  It’s my first year to make it to the shortlist and I would love to proceed to the final. You can help! Simply follow this link and vote for “whatawaygook” I’m the last on the list so that will help you find me.

Share this with your friends, family and anyone you know and let’s make this happen!

One more link for good luck!


Cvote for me

3 thoughts on “Whatawaygook needs you! Help get me to the Blog Awards Ireland final!

  1. Just did! Wish I could vote more than once! I do not need to see the other blogs to know that yours is the BEST! I am really enjoying your Barrys tea that you gave me. And thinking loving thoughts your way. I havent seen Jimie or Liz in a long while. We are hosting a Korean Potter who we visited in Ganjin. He will be here with his wife for a couple of weeks working at our museum.total coincidence that we met this particular potter in his home and that he is coming here. We are not going to be coming to Ireland in the spring, but are planning for next fall. Will you still be there?? Much love, Marcy From an ipad, so excuse the typos. Apple made me do it.


    • You are the best and thank you so much for all your encouragement! I’m so glad that you get to meet the Korean potter. I think they’ll love their experience with you in Hawaii. I’ll be here until at least next September and possibly December by the time I graduate so come on over!

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