How to use the Norebang remote control

Have you ever gone to a Norebang and really wanted to know how to use the remote control? It’s taken me AGES to figure out  the buttons and as it turns out, you can do some seriously fancy things. In this blog, I’ll take you through some of the basics.

Choosing and reserving a song. 

This is pretty simple and straightforward. Each song has a number. Choose a song,point the remote control at the screen, enter the number into the remote control and then press 예약, as in the picture. This reserves your song. wpid-20140606_165258.jpg noname01

Starting and stopping songs

If your song is the first one and you want to start it straight away, then instead of 에약, you should press 시작 (start)


If you are butchering your song or just don’t want to sing it anymore, you can stop it by pressing 취소


That’s the very basic stuff that will get you through any Norebang night.

Now for some fancy stuff…..

On the top, you will see pairs of white buttons with up and down arrows. Here’s what they do (l-r)

noname04 1. 음정– Song Key 2. 템포-Tempo 3. 멜로디– Melody 4. 뮤직– Music 5.  마이크– Microphone 6. 에코– Echo 7. 리버브– Reverb These are for people who can sing and/or take the norebang very seriously. The only one I use here the button to change the key, which can be handy. Another handy button is the button that changes songs into the male or female key. The first one here is to change it to a male key (남음정)

noname05Female key (여음정);


 So that brings us through the most important song related stuff.

If you want to search for a song, you will need to use the bottom half of the remote control. First you can search by title (제목) outlined below.

noname07You should make sure that you’re searching in the language you want. You can change between Korean and English using this button (한 being for 한글 and 영 being for 영어);


You can also search by singer or 가수 as it will be on the remote control;

noname09If you really want, you can search by lyrics (가사);


The final button is one that I’ve never used but it’s for searching National Songs (I think);

noname11 After that, you can use the circle of arrows to move between songs that you search;


There are other buttons that I haven’t explained and that’s because I never use them so I don’t know what they do. If I find out, I’ll add them to the blog.

In the meantime, apologies for any mistakes in Korean, point them out and I’ll fix them.

Happy Singing!!!!!!

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    • Thank you! I’ve never been to Florida but I imagine your best bet is in a Korea town. In Korea it’s super cheap vut I don’t know about the prices outside the country

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