Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Seoul

I literally can’t wait for this festival. Roll on March 15th!

Irish Association of Korea 한국아일랜드협회

10. Practice makes perfect

Did you know that the Irish Association of Korea has organized the annual St Patrick’s Day Festival in Seoul for over a decade? In fact, this year will be its 14th consecutive event. As the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect”, and this year’s festival is sure to be bigger and better than before.


9. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

With over 1,000 Irish expats now living in South Korea, and many more people with a smidgen of Irish blood in them, this year’s festival promises to be as authentic  as can be.

St. Patricks Day Festival In Seoul

8. A ready-made lesson for Monday morning!

Come along to the festival  on March 15th, then on Monday (which is actually St Patrick’s Day) all you teachers will have some great ideas to discuss with your students. Take a break from spelling and grammar, and get your kids to decorate your classroom…

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