The woes and worries of a Kindergarten teacher.

I’m always looking for blog ideas so when my friend Edel suggested to write this one, I figured I’d need more room. From the second I walk in the door in the morning, the day is filled with worries usually stemming from the fact that the students are so small. I teach Korean age 4-7 so Western age 3-6.

Here are some of the things that go through my mind on a regular day;

  • Why are they so noisy?
  • Why do they always hand me their snots?
  • Do I have spare clothes in case this child actually vomits on me?
  • Why is this child crying?
  • That child has been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. What is he/she actually up to?
  • If I turn my back, will some child get injured?
  • Why do they always offer me the sweets/chocolate that’s been half eaten?
  • Can I really give this child the scissors?
  • This child just licked the glue. On a scale of one to complete freak out, where should I be right now?
  • Why don’t they want to sing songs with me?
  • Does this child even speak Korean?
  • If I open this window, can I trust the children not to climb out?
  • Is that child asleep?
  • Dilemma- wake this child up or leave them alone and let them sleep?
  • Are any of these children actually learning English?
  • “I am a tiger” is not the proper response to “how are you?’ but since it’s an English sentence, should I let them away with it?
  • If I make this child stand up for the whole class, will I be listening to a complaining mother for the rest of the day?
  • If I let them walk up the stairs, can I trust them not to fall?
  • If I put them in the elevator, can I trust them not to squash the small child/fight/hang like monkeys from the bars? Best take the stairs……
  • If I see two children about to run in to each other, should I shout like a lunatic and warn them or should I let it happen and have them learn their lesson?
  • I forgot to close the door…………
  • If I bring this cup to class, will I somehow injure a student?
  • Why doesn’t anyone listen when I bring up the subject of a child falling behind?
  • How long can I harp on about said problem before people get immune and stop listening?
  • How do I say ” If *name* doesn’t simmer down in class, I’m going to get fairly angry” in Korean?
  • Why do we even use tables when they are just used for recreational activities by the students?
  • Why do we have chairs?
  • Can I let this student out to use the bathroom without the necessary supervision. Answer; No. No assistant today, can I take the risk?
  • Am I doing enough with the children in terms of English?
  • Can I do more? If so what can I do?
  • Is this too much English for a Korean kindergarten?
  • Do they remember who I am? Next class, will they know why I’m there or ??????

Story; For the first 6 weeks of the school year in 2013, one of my 4-year-old class’ would burst into hysterical tears when I appeared at the door. I tried everything, stickers, bribery, anger, singing, happiness, Naver Junior and nothing could stop them. When asked why they were crying, they responded “her eyes are too big”

They compliment me on how good my English is. I’m like “children, I’ve been practising every day. This is the key”

A student gave me a sticker once and told me if I collected all ten she’d give me a present!

The afterschool class were supposed to spell “shirt” once but ended up spelling “shit” and that made me laugh. They didn’t get it.

If you’re a teacher and wish to add a woe or worry, leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “The woes and worries of a Kindergarten teacher.

  1. Hi! I found your blog about a year ago, and really enjoy it! I teach English in China to 6-10 year olds, and to kindergarteners. As I was reading your post, I kept thinking you must be talking about my kids! The 6-10 year olds that is, as my kindergarten class is very well behaved (I only see them twice a week though).
    Yeah, what is with the offering of half eaten, slobbered on, food!?! Once, one of them gave me a handfull of moist looking cookie crumbs, and stood there motioning for me to eat. I pulled out a tissue, wrapped the crumbs, and said I would save them for later as I had already eaten my snack. Even though I know he didn’t understand a word I said, he seemed satisfied with that, smiled, and went about his business. In to the trash bin those went later! Cleanliness and hand washing are not practiced much here, so God only knows what was on those crumbs!
    Keep the posts coming! Have a great day!

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