How do expats spend Christmas?

Have you ever wondered how expats spend Christmas? I asked some of my expat friends the same question and there is what they came up with.

Janet1Janet Newenham;  Cork woman, blogger and the person with the  most jet set lifestyle I know. This Christmas she will be spending Christmas day in 3 airports, Seoul, Shanghai, Phnom Penh. She will then spend her vacation in Cambodia. As if we’re not all jealous enough, I just heard that she’s also going to the Phillipines in January.   You can catch up on all her adventures by reading her blog


Stephanie Anglemyer; Photographer, blogger and one of the busiest people I know in Korea. She will spend Christmas Eve in her friend’s house here in Korea. Then, Christmas day, she will be tuning into Skype where she has an annual tradition of watching her Dad’s Christmas  Eve service. Stephanie is a really talented photographer and you can check out her blog here,

DanDan Berry; You can always find Dan in the midst of an Irish music session here in Korea. Dan is a volunteer with ARK (Animal Rescue Korea) and is originally from Canada.  This year, he’s spending Christmas in his new apartment, taking care of his “eejit canines”, chillaxing and having a few pints.


Conor O’Reilly; I’ll be here all day if I’m going to describe Conor so I’ll  try to keep it brief. Irishman, husband, new father, poet, writer, blogger, avid photographer. This year Conor, his wife Jin Won and their daughter Claire are heading to Thailand for 2 months. That’s the longest Christmas vacation I’ve ever heard of.  You can catch up with Conor and his thoughts on his blog, (the photo was taken by Tom Coyner.

JessJess Plotnik; What can I say about Jess? Canadian, great craic, always laughing and having a great time, a little accident prone. Jess will spend Christmas day at a pot luck in a friend’s house in Gimpo, “a tradition I like to think I started in Gimpo”.


Ian Scheideberg; Ian is an avid poet and writer. I’ve known Ian for most of the time I’ve been in Korea and we always have great old craic. You’ll never be short of conversation when you hang around with Ian.  This Christmas, Ian will be in Taiwan for 2 weeks.


Eoin Kennedy; Eoin is my cousin. When we were children, we would always see each other at Christmas. This year however, Eoin is working  and living in Canada. So he will spend Christmas day working and then enjoying Christmas dinner with his boss and his boss’ family


Majella Browne; It is no coincidence that she shares the same surname as me, she’s my sister. Majella has been living in Spain for the past number of years but this Christmas is her last one in Spain as she’s moving to Korea on December 31st!


If you want to add your Christmas plans to those above, just leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “How do expats spend Christmas?

  1. An endearing appraisal of me I must say! Of course doing something a lot doesn’t mean I’m any good, so readers approach at your own risk. Regardless of my modesty thanks for the link love!

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