Don’t eat the yellow snow and other tips for surviving the Korean winter.

  1. Time: Leave earlier and factor in that it might take you longer to get home.
  2.  Layers: If you are going to survive a subway journey, layer up. It’s so warm inside but freezing outside so don’t just wear a big jacket.
  3. Because of the hot cold thing that happens as you move from indoors to outdoors, use a good multivitamin to keep up the immune system.
  4. Thermals; Thermals are a must. Don’t be an awful eejit,wear your thermals.
  5. Boots: Invest in a pair of lined boots with good traction. Nobody wants to fall on the ice.
  6. Gloves: If you use a smartphone you might want to think about getting a pair of capacitive gloves. That way you can use your phone while wearing your gloves. A win win right there.
  7. Socks: Nothing is worse than wet, cold feet. If you ignored my idea of a good pair of boots, a spare pair of socks never goes astray.
  8.  Down Jackets; Buy yourself a duck. Honestly, there is no other jacket worth wearing if there is not a duck on the inside.
  9. Cut a fringe;  Having a fringe keeps your forehead warm and thus further insulates you from the wind chill. . My friend Leana, guarantees me of this fact.
  10. Plan your route; Know what exit you’re meeting at so you don’t stand out in the cold for no reason.  Think about the route to the subway station etc so you don’t have to walk the icy path. Safety first. Sometimes though, it’s unavoidable.
  11. Buy a space heater; If you’re a public school teacher there is a possibility that your classroom will be cold so be prepared to need extra things.
  12. Ice puke puddles; Avoid these like the plague. Puke puddles are not pretty at the best of times, frozen ones are worse.
  13. Fluids; Keep up your intake of liquids. Even though you don’t realise it, you lose it through sweating etc.
  14. Take up a hobby; For whatever reason, we spend more time inside during winter and it’ll be a long boring winter if you don’t have a hobby.
  15. Humidifier; Because we use Ondol (floor heating), the air becomes really dry and can cause you to get sick. It’s a good idea to have a humidifier to put the moisture  back in the air. You can buy them in Emart and Homeplus for about 50,000won.
  16. Don’t stand behind the salting machines. You may think this is obvious but I know people……
  17. That’s all I can think of. If you can think of more, let me know and I’ll add it in.

Thanks to Leana, Trevor and Cindy who supervised this blog post.


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