It’s not ALL fantastical……

Most of my posts are pretty positive. I do my best. But I thought it only fair to do the not so fantastical things also. A big shout out to the people who contributed to this on my Facebook page.

1. Puke Puddles– The absolute worst thing about living in Korea. Back in the day when I lived in my old apartment, I used to live next to a pedestrian street lined with little restaurants. Every morning, I would have to pick my way through the puke puddles to get to school. We used to call it Puke Alley. It was worse in winter when they were frozen. I hope no one was eating their lunch. Sorry. Enough. Disgusting.

2. Spit– Koreans love to spit and so there are little spit globs everywhere. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s everywhere, on the floors, in the elevators, on the stairs, in the toilet cubicle, in the toilet sinks, on the buses, subways, everywhere. Disgusting.

3. The pushy shovey adjummas– Some adjummas are so cool, we could be friends but other adjummas are a pure dose. They push and shove and not only are they rude but they bring giant containers of Kimchi on the bus.  헐!

4. The price of deodorant This is the most random thing but decent deodorant costs a lot. Most of the time, I stock up on foreign trips but what’s up with that?

5. Bread– If you’re looking for Mammy Browne’s bread over here, you’ll be looking for a while. It is most difficult to find a good decent bread. Or a decent sandwich for that matter.

6. When Koreans pretend they don’t understand what you said, even though you said it in Korean.

7. When Koreans think that because you’re the only white girl in town, it makes you 1) Russian and 2) a prostitute

8. Trying on clothes; When the store owner either 1) Tells you there are no “big sizes” and/or 2) Won’t let you try on the clothes.

9. Shoes; The utter lack of shoes from Europe size 7 (255-260)  and up is shocking. Just shocking.

10. Physical Appearances; Koreans are utterly obsessed with weight, dieting, white skin and the perfect face.

11. Toilet paper: You must bring your own toilet paper with you when you go out because there is always the chance that your toilet won’t have any. Then you must put it in the bin when you are finished because it is believed that putting it into the toilet will block the drains.

12. Messing around with food; Koreans love to put food where it doesn’t belong. Like sweetcorn on everything, mayonnaise on everything else. Stop! If I want either, I’ll ask for them.

13. Skirts; In Korea, it’s not ok to wear a low top but it is totally appropriate to wear a skirt so short, one might mistake it for a belt. This then results in the woman having to cover her behind with a bag so as to not flash her bum at anyone behind her. Surely she could have just worn a longer skirt?

14. Desk warming– The act of sitting at your desk, not teaching, just sitting. There are only so many movies to watch, books to read, Korean words to learn before you get bored and want to go outside.

15. Bins- I could rant all day about this. Why are there not more bins? Seriously, where are we supposed to put our rubbish and where do Koreans put it? If I eat something with a wrapper, am I really supposed to walk about 2km to find a bin? I think not. PUT MORE BINS OUT!!!!!!

16. Banks– For the most part, I love my banking experiences. However, it drives me insane when they insist on photocopying my id and passport when I send money home (KB*b). I gave you those when I opened the account and again the first time I transferred money. Surely you have it on record?

17-Public Urination– This usually happens at night but there is no excuse for randomly going to the bathroom. If it’s not the drunk people, it’s the children. You cannot just use this area as a bathroom. People are walking here. And you especially can’t use this area if it’s enclosed like a bus or the subway.

18. Points Cards– I have a points card for everywhere. But I don’t know how to redeem most of them because all the websites are in Korean. While I could go ahead and challenge myself to reading the Korean, I’d prefer to just do it in English. Would it really kill them to make an English language page? I think not.

This is a pretty long list but most of the things are small things that we thought we’d share. Leave your comments below with anything I forgot!

8 thoughts on “It’s not ALL fantastical……

  1. Reblogged this on A Seoulful Year and commented:
    I’ve griped at least once about almost everything on this list. Pretty happy about our banking though (KEB) and totally frustrated about the point cards. The only one I’ve ever redeemed is my Happy Point card for free donuts and discount movie tickets 😀

  2. I just got a points card for my local market.. I thought it was pretty sweet.. then I realized I will probably never understand how to get whatever I am racking up the points for… haha oh well! Love the posts I just moved here and it’s been so helpful reading about your experiences! Thanks!

  3. Point cards are wonderful, especially the Happy Point card. Ask a Korean person to help you make an account online and then you can use your points to buy things with your points. If you go to Saruga in Yonhi Dong to the Bizuen Store, the owner there who speaks English will help you. She is honest. Tell her you know me. Oh, and this Bizuen sells yummy muffins: chocolate, orange, lemon which are gluten free. Plus yummy gluten free cakes.
    Grocery Store, Shop & Service, and Miscellaneous Shop in 서울특별시

    서대문구 연희동 131-1 (연희점)

    서울특별시, ➔
    +82 2-334-2428

    • Hey lady! Good to hear from you. I reakon you’re right, I’ll have to get a Happy Points card. I had one then forgot the password and can’t remember it or retrieve it. So perhaps I’ll get a new one and start over!

  4. Hahaha, awesome! You know, if you wanna avoid having to actually go to the bank everytime you send money home, open up a KEB account (which I figured out in my fourth year and subsequently abandoned KB*) cos it’s all interwebbie based and I never once set foot in the bank to send money home each month. Not once. It was glorious! You should add tiny ovens to your list. TINY FRIKKIN OVENS!! You have no idea how many times I dreamed of bathtubs and large ovens when I lived there. I refused to look at any apartments that didn’t have both when we moved here. Been here five months, took one bath so far. BUT at least I use the oven almost every day though! 🙂 x

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