I know my mother is here because……..

My apartment is cleaner than it’s ever been. Ever. Cleaner than the day I moved in. Mum is definitely here. It’s cleaner than the clean it was when she arrived. It’s cleaner than it was in this picture……………AmazingMy new apartment

The dishes are all washed, always. It’s like magic. I, as usual, throw them into the sink for later. But later, they have not only been washed but dried and put away.korean-slang-lesson11

The bottle of wine is still in the press. It’s been there for a week. I fear it might be going off…………….

My social life has been narrowed down to dinners with friends.

20130322_193604 Except we don’t eat pizza, we eat healthier food. (Trying to qualify for “responsible grown up” status)

I’m in bed earlier than I’ve ever been. What’s going on?  10.30pm is too early to go asleep!

I’m discovering how comfortable the floor really is to sleep on.

The clothes get washed every few days. Usually this only happens when I realise the basket is getting full or when I run out of something and realise it’s time to do the washing.

There is so much food in my apartment, I’m running out of space for it. Honestly, you’d swear we were feeding the entire population of Paju. It will never be this way again.

wpid-20130211_200756.jpg    This is only a fraction of the food that you can find in my apartment. Honestly.

I’m only eating relatively healthy food in an effort to make it seem like I’m qualified at being a grown up. There is a box of Dairy Milk still not eaten that screams at me every time I open the press.

I’ve been to tourist sites that I haven’t been to since the first year I arrived in Korea.

Mum Here we are in Seoul at the Cheongaecheon stream.

My Korean seems to be brilliant. Beside people who don’t speak one word, I seem fluent. This, will also never happen again. The only thing I’m fluent in is Konglish.

I have money in my wallet for “petrol”. I never get petrol money from anyone over here………..

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