Sleeping in Incheon Airport- Spa on Air, a review.

I don’t make a habit of sleeping in airports. I also don’t make a habit of sleeping there for the good of my blog, I was actually leaving on a trip. Now that we’re clear on that here’s how it all happened.

My conspirator, Olivia, and I were heading to the Feis in Shanghai. So, as a result of not wanted to get up at ridiculous o clock to catch a bus, to the train to get to the airport, we decided to give Spa On Air, the jimjilbang in Incheon Airport a go.

It was a Thursday night at midnight by the time we arrived. The airport was eerily quiet and we set off on the journey to find Spa on Air. Signage for the place is a joke. Couple this with the fact that I can’t read those ridiculous “you are here” maps and the whole thing was a special experience. Eventually, we found 2 adjummas having a break and we were grateful to find signs of human life. We thought we left it behind when we got off the AREX. They were good enough to point us in the right direction and we headed further into a land of nobodies. Eventually, we stumbled onto an area with flags for the much sought Spa on Air and with great relief approached the nice lady at reception. The only thought was that, with this many people not in the airport, there couldn’t possibly be too many people wanting to sleep in Incheon on a random Thursday night in March. I was wrong. No private rooms left (although at that random hour, I wasn’t surprised) but it would cost me 20,000 for a sleep over. This is definitely more expensive that regular jimjilbangs. (It is possible to ring ahead and get a reservation. Here is a link to their number
As we changed into our uniforms (the shorts and t-shirt provided at reception, mine could have fit a small family), it was clear that you were paying for quality. The dressing room was beautiful, lockers were large and the toilets were clean and new, ( No squatters here). We also had cleanser and cotton wool to remove makeup and hair dryers and all the usual things to make you look normal. There were mirrors everywhere (possibly so you could enjoy how great you looked in your uniform?) and it was all nicely decorated with signs in English and Japanese.



Next task, find somewhere to sleep. They have a lounge room with reclining chairs that look super comfortable, I wouldn’t know since everyone else had taken them and we had to make do with mats on the floor. Not to worry, sleep is sleep. Until someone leans too far back on their recliner and the entire chair falls with the loudest crash, just centimetres away from your head at 4am. There’s the usual coughing, snoring, talking, walking etc. going on during the night so although I caught a few hours shut eye, Olivia didn’t.

Next morning, up, shower, ready and what do you know, you’re already in the airport so it took us about 5 minutes to stroll to the check in desk.

All in all, I definitely would stay here again if, 1) I arrived back too late to take public transport and 2) I arrived early enough to get either a private room or a recliner. It’s the small things in life.


*Update- August 2013.

I’ve just stayed at Spa on Air before my trip to Malaysia. I rocked up around 7pm and there was loads of space. Although the recliners are very comfortable I just couldn’t sleep so I found a small sleeping room and slept on a mat on the floor. It was a surprisingly great nights sleep. Quiet, peaceful, and comfortable. The showers and baths here are lovely. They keep your suitcases at the front where they are safe and supervised until you leave.

What I liked;

  1. The place is super clean and new
  2. The staff speak English
  3. The lockers are big enough to fit a small suitcase.
  4. The showers and baths are great
  5. The changing room is spacious, quiet and well stocked with beauty products.
  6. There are loads of places to sleep. The lounge chairs, the public sleeping rooms and the private but public sleeping rooms.

What I didn’t like

  1. If you arrive really late, you might have to sleep on the floor in the lounge area which can be a little noisy with people coming and going and snoring etc
  2. The signage for the place is really bad.

12 thoughts on “Sleeping in Incheon Airport- Spa on Air, a review.

  1. hi!

    was wondering that if its exactly like the other jimjilbangs in Kr like they give you a shirt and you change in the changing room – to be completely NAKED and then…take a shower in an open toilet(?) with everyone scrubbing each other?

    is it like that? ;~;

    • Hi! Yes. So they give you a uniform for the time you spend in the public areas. If you wish to use the baths, you will be naked. Ive know people to wear bikinis but they got weird looks. Its not creepy though. Nobody is scrubbing each other, (unless they want to but ive never seen it). Everyone is just minding their own business and using the facilities.

    • You clearly haven’t been to many bathhouses as is suggested by both your unpleasant comment and your capitalization of ‘naked,’ as if it is any big deal. Coming from the UK I’ve seen turds in swimming pools, people swim without showering and seen kids piddling in the water – but not all British pools are dirty! Grow up!

  2. hi, is this spa located within the transit area or after you clear the custom? I’ve had 3 hours to kill before my fiance flies in from another part of the world, so I thought its good to camp in there until he gets to seoul.

  3. Thanks for the info. I want to stop at the spa next week. Can you tell me, is this a proper style bathhouse (목욕탕), segregated with various pools and sauna and all enjoyed in the nude or merely a censored shower facility where bathing suits are required. I’m no perv, but after 10 years daily saunas, the thought of bathing in swim wear is strange. Thanks for you help. Nick

  4. I wan’t impressed with Incheon Airport jimjilbang. Out of the 30 or so bathouses I’ve visted in Korea it was probably one of the most boring but beyond doubt the most expensive. In places it was both dusty and mouldy and there were only three pools, two the same temperature and two saunas – one not working.

    It’s a pity because it’s a great facility in a brilliant location and I was very disappointed after I’d read articles about it being a ‘luxury’ facility. A good clean would have made it more attractive. Far better, cleaner, more comprehensive bathouses in the ‘sticks’ for a quarter of the price.

    However, for a quick refresh mid-journey it was worth the money.

  5. Thanks Shauna! I’ve used the place before but hadn’t spent the night. It was helpful reading about it. Definitely going to reserve and bring my earplugs. You’re a gem 🙂

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