My letter writing challenge- the half way stage.

My first letter started with the words “Hello everyone, it’s me.”  At this half way stage, I didn’t expect to blog about this but it’s proving quite the adventure.

Although I’m a person that’s never really stuck for words, my first letter was a general summary of my week.  I just didn’t know what to say. It’s not like an email that has a purpose, it’s a letter where I was free to say anything I wanted.  I felt like that Sunday morning RTE show about the roundup of the week’s news.  Then when I finished and put it in an envelope, I realised that there was so much I forgot to tell them.  Thankfully, I just remembered it the next day and wrote it then. 

Since then my letters have taken on somewhat of a “Day in the life” form.  I have taken to writing the letters at the end of the day and write thoughts on paper that I would never dream of speaking in real life.  It’s like confession.  I can write what I truly feel and not worry about the consequences.  But it’s not just me writing these letters.  I’ve enlisted the help of my friends and their children because I figure it’ll make it more interesting for those back home to get letters from people other than me.   

It all started when I was eating dinner with some friends.  Their children were bored so I took out my notepad and told them to write a letter to my mum in English.  After the initial “what am I supposed to say”, they go into the swing of it.  Here is some of what they wrote;

                                                                                          alex letter

 The one above is probably one of my favourites.  I especially like the “My favourite soccer players are Ronaldo and Messi because they are handsome”. 

                                                                                                        pic 2

I even got so confident that I wrote a quarter letter in Korean.  Then I realised that they would have no clue what it said so I wrote had to write in English.  At least I tried……….

                                                                                                                    korean letter

The saddest letter was one written by a middle school student.  It’s just so sad how he describes what he does everyday and I can imagine my family reading it in otter disbelief that he has no real life outside school;

                                                                                                        last letter

            The funniest one by about a mile is the one below.  It supposed to be a question answer type thing, I think.  But I think the child got slightly confused.  Makes for great reading.                                                                                                   

            pic letter

The real adventure is whether any of these letters are ever going to make it to Ireland.  I started sending them on the last day of January thinking I’d have a head start.  But as of today, February 20th, my family has yet to receive one.  So there are 21 letters out there  just waiting to be read. 

I  think it’s something to do with the lady in the post office.  Everyone morning I arrive  at the same time and send the same letter, in the same yellow envelope to Ireland.  But she never listens to a word I say so for all I know, she could be sending them all to Iceland!!!!!! Or she just be taking them out of the post box herself and using them as a way to learn English (I’ve noticed a slight improvement lately).  Or taking the letters out to see what will happen when I realise they’re never going to arrive in Ireland. Either way if they don’t get to Ireland soon, she’s getting the blame.

It doesn’t really matter because I’ll still continue to write them and send them as has become routine.  Then at the end of the month, I’ll stop and wait for my reply letters to start coming through the letterbox.


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