Guam~ a review

There are only a certain number of reasons you should go to Guam;
1. Shopping
2. Shopping
3. Shopping
4. Beach
5. Shopping
6. Beach
7. Something involving the sea.
8. Shopping
9. Shopping
10. Beach and shopping.

That essentially sums up the island.  Because of the apparant lack of anything other than resorts there we stayed at the Westin and the Hilton.

Scores out of 10


Location; 9
Service; 7
Room; 7
Executive Lounge; 8
Food; 8
Facilities; 6
Value for money; 8.5


Location; 6
Service ; 3
Room; 4
Executive Lounge; 8
Food; 8.5
Facilities; 9
Value for money; 5

There seems to be a certain level of incompetance happening at the Hilton. One night we were woken at 3.30am to someone trying to get into our room. After further investigation it turned out that the people had been given card keys to our room and told that it was unoccupied. Then our cards wouldnt work the next day because of the incident the night before so the key cards had to be replaced. We got some compensation from management but talking to other guests this seems to have happened to others.

That was followed by an early morning visit from maintanence who showed up to fix the tv even though it wasnt us that called.

Wifi in the room wouldnt work although it was supposed to.

The NYE party was a mess. Totally disorganised. Tickets were 55 dollars for what we were told was the 8pm to 10pm sitting and entry to the bar afterwards. Free flowing champagne and bud. We arrive at 8pm only to find a huge line and proceed to wait until 8.45 to be seated. Since it was a buffet everything was cramped and just busy. It kind of felt like an inconvenience to be eating there. The party and drinks were as stated.


The message as far as accommodation goes is that if youre going to Guam, don’t stay at the Hilton. The Westin was much better in terms of location, service and comfort and there are many other resorts on the island.

There really is a lot of shopping on the island. The duty free Galleria is on the main strip next to JP Stores and Tumon Sands plaza is a big further down. Both the Micronesia Mall (home to Macy’s) and Guam Premier Outlets are a little out but accessible by the trolley system. There is also a K Mart which I hear is a big deal but being Irish I really had no idea what was going on there.

We went to Sea World one ofthe days when we figured we should actually do something. My tip~ dont go there. It has a 23 dollar entrance fee and the whole thing is over in about 15 minutes. That was the greatest waste of money of the entire trip.

The beaches are very beautiful and the water is crystal clear so if you like swimming, diving, snorkelling or anything sea related you’ll really enjoy it here.


We spent 7 days on the island but the ideal trip here is about 4 or 5. Be sure to rent a car and drive around the island.  Car rental is a little expensive but worth it.It only takes about 3 hours non stop but along the way you can see some beautiful scenary, caribou, Chamorro village and real life as it is for the locals.  The Wednesday night market in Chamorro is great and well worth the visit.

There is a trolley system that goes to the major stops along the tourist area.

Its also possible to fly from Guam to Saipan for about 200 dollars if you wanted to combine the two. Be aware that there are huge numbers of Japanese tourists in Guam. Sometimes it seems like the island caters exclusively to them and forgets everyone else.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip in the sense that we had sun sea and sand and nothing to do for 7 days. If its an action packed vacation youre looking for though, don’t go to Guam.

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