My visit to a Korean emergency room

Many people who are on my Facebook page know that I may have hurt my foot on Saturday.  I was wearing heels and rushing to catch the train but missed the last step on the escalator and twisted my foot. 

For the first few hours I thought I had walked it off.   Later, in Seoul, I realised I hadn’t succeeded at all and headed off to the emergency room.  It was 8pm on the Halloween Saturday night, in a busy part of Seoul. 

I was in such agony that by the time I got out of the taxi, I couldn’t even put my foot to the ground and was leaning on my friend’s shoulder so hard, I thought I would break it!  Magically, the porter saw me and brought me a wheelchair. 

Excellent, in to the emergency room.  I had been with friends to emergency rooms before so I figured I had a short wait ahead.  But I simply went straight up to the desk, gave my details and went straight to the doctor, no waiting.  The doctor sent me to get a xray.  Again, no waiting, in fact not one other person in the area so straight in and out. Straight back to the doctor to get the results.

The doctor spoke pretty good English and enough to get the basics across.i.e. there is no fracture etc. He sent no less than 2 nurses my way to bandage my foot. 

One bandage, a pair of crutches and one pain killing injection later, I was on my way with my prescription.  I was in and out in about 30 minutes.  And how much did this all set me back?????

With my insurance (50/50 with my school) kicking in, I paid 62,000won for all the medical care (44euro) with 2 days worth of medicine costing 2,000won (1.5euro). 

Thanks to the magic medicine, my foot feels much better today.  Not that I recommend it, but the Korean emergency room is quick and painful but great value for your money!

4 thoughts on “My visit to a Korean emergency room

  1. Irish people are cringing reading this, you could probably add a couple of 0s onto the cost of your visit and a couple of days onto the minutes you were there. God Bless Korea!

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