My Paju neighbourhood.

City vs Country

I live in Paju, South Korea.  I’ve lived here since I moved to Korea almost 3 years ago.  Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE PAJU! I can’t help it, I just do.  It’s a great place.  For anyone not familiar with the details of Paju, here’s a little recap;

Location; South Korea.Gyeonggi Provence.

40 minutes in a car to the centre of Seoul. Same time to Seoul Station on the subway from Geumneung Station.

Population; In and around 350,000

What to see and do?

We have not one but 2 premium outlets here for all your shopping needs.

Heyri Art Village

English Village

Paju Three Royal Tombs

DMZ (border of North Korea)

Mosan Farm

Woonong Ostrich Farm

So lots to see and do.  I live in the Geumchon part of Paju.  Recently, I moved apartments and seem to have moved into an older neighbourhood.  Here are some pictures,Buddist Temple                    Farms                        What is it?Shortcut            

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and questions below.  And if you’re ever in Paju, give me a buzz.

4 thoughts on “My Paju neighbourhood.

  1. Hi! I am from Singapore. I am visiting Seoul in Dec and has been very interested in Paju during my search.

    May I know how should I go to Paju from Incheon Airport? What do you recommend to eat in Paju? Is there any public transport to go Mosan Farm from Paju si?

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply!

    • Hi! It was great to get your message. Korea is quite cold in December so be sure to wear warm clothes. You can get to Paju using the Airport Railroad. Get on at Incheon and go to Digital Media City. From there follow the signs for the Gyeongui Line (경의산). Continue towards Munsan and get out at Geumneung, Geumchon, Paju,Wollong or Munsan depending on where your accommodaton is.
      There are loads of delicious things to eat here lke Galbi, Samgyupsal, (both a kind of bbq meat), bibimbap (rice and veg), delicious soups and so on. No shortage of delicious food in Paju! Getting to Mosan Farm is a little complicated b public transport. he best way is to get a taxi and show him the address Mosan Farm, 347 Chukhyun 2 ri, Tanhyeon Myeon, Paju si. From Geumchon it will cost about 1o$. If you need any more help planning your trip coming closer the time, just let me know!

  2. hi. i am going to paju this week. i am landing at incheon airport. i need to go to paju osanri gidowon. can you tell me how i can get there from incheon airport by public transportation and how long it should take me? also, could you tell me if i can find a hotel around there? just for one night… i would appreciate it!

    • Hi! I’ve checked Naver Maps and it seems to be near Gwangtan. You’ll have to get a bus to Gwangtan from the Airport. It’ll take about 2 hours. Ask at the information desk in the airport and they’ll tell you the bus number. Then from Gwangtan take a taxi. I have no idea about the hotels over there but youll definately find something

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