You know you’ve been in Korea a while when……….

1.When you do the Korean “come hither” wave (palm down),

2. You begin to notice cleavage in TV and movies from back home,

3. When you start craving Kimchi…

4. When you hear yourself doing the Korean “aaaahhh” and head nod when you understand something

5. . When you go home to your native country and automatically take off your shoes when you walk in the door

6. When you have forgotten what good beer tastes like

7. . When K-Pop starts to sound ok

8. When you go back to your country and bemuse everyone by sitting on the floor all the time instead of the sofa.

9. When you bow to fellow foreigners and don’t think the subway is unbearably crowded anymore.

10. When you check yourself on a mirror everytime you pass one. (Or on the phone).

11. You start speaking the language……

12. You start going naked to the spas

13. When you have completely forgotten what life was like with a bath tub.

14. You stare openly at the foreigner passing by and think “what is s/he doing here?”

15. When you go home and get anxiety from all the whiteness

16. You leave things behind knowing they’ll be there when you come back.

17. You expect Service.

18. When everyone from your hometown knows the meaning of chincha and have allowed the word to make its way into their vocabulary. When individual Koreans at times begin to resemble people of other ethnicities, such as your own.

19. You think of Kimbap as the ideal picnic food and can’t think of 1 other foreign food that would be as good.

20. You can only say certain phrases in Korean that you can’t actually say it in English.

21. You actually wait for the red man to go green and don’t just run across the street.

22. You think that makeolli is the best drink on rainy days.

23. You can’t imagine a meal without side dishes.

24. You can distinguish the different types of Kimchi

25. The idea of having a knife and fork together is a little disgusting.

26. You have trouble distinguishing people Koreans and foreigners.

27. You regularly hear yourself saying FIGHTING! CHINJA! AAIEGO…..(apologies for the English spelling).

28. When you dream in Korea.

29. Sitting outside, eating at plastic tables is your idea of a great meal.

30.. You think you’ve been here too long. 


I’ve always wanted to do this blog and it wasn’t all my ideas.  I’d like to thank all those who contributed via my facebook page.  The follow people and their thoughts have blogs;

Area Walton; 

Alexa Jordens;

Conor O Reilly;

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