How finding out “the news” has never been easier.

Maybe it’s an Irish thing, but no matter where you are in the world, there’s nothing we love more than “finding out the news” from home.  Communities in Ireland are small so everyone knows everyone and in turn their business.  I haven’t really realised it up to now but a skype home ends up like Newsround.

Last weekend, I first communicated with my sister.  She doesn’t even live in Ireland anymore but was well capable of telling me everything that had happened to everyone back home.  So after a good old gossip, I called Mum.  Now, Mum generally spends her conversations with me worrying about my visa (why?) and whether I have internet (eh hello we’re talking on Skype?) so gossip doesn’t really happen.  And when it does it’s on more of a national scale like ” Shauna did you know that we’re having a recession here?” But anything she told me I already knew. And I didn’t find it all out in the previous conversation with my sister. So this got me to thinking how emigrants actually find out “the news”?

For me personally I have a three strike approach.  First is Facebook.  Where would we be without it? Not in Korea that’s where.  Anyway, I stalk my way through the news feed and check the necessary pictures and status updates and this method alone gathers a deceiving amount of news. Of course, I’m sure people follow my life with my status updates and photo albums and such so I’m certain that this approach is quite excellent.

Second is the local newspaper websites.  Excellent, find out the news and if further information is needed, consult Facebook.

Third, and my own personal favourite is Twitter.  You can follow anyone from back home who has an account and then spend your day going through tweets.  This also goes for the national media who keep me informed of all the national news.  Twitter is the business.  You can also spread your own news by tweeting yourself.

I just realised how this makes me seem like I have too much time on my hands, but don’t lie.  Everyone who lives abroad has done exactly the same thing.  The only thing left to say is, where would be be without the good old interweb?

One thought on “How finding out “the news” has never been easier.

  1. Totally agree, between Facebook & Twitter, you don’t need anything else to keep you “up to date”, I also check daily,, the list is endless. No fear on us not knowing “the news”!!

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