5 must have accessories for the Korean summer

With the arrival of the good weather, it’s time to get out your summer fashion accessories. 

1. Umbrella, sorry I mean “parasol”- Ok.  I just don’t understand what Korean women see in these umbrellas.  They are so many kinds of ugly.  But if your over 40 and don’t have one…….well there’s not really much point going outside really.

2. Camera; Ah yes.  Everyone looks better with a tan and sunglasses on.  And Koreans do love to take pictures of themselves any place, any time.  That’s why a camera is such an essential item this summer………………..

3. Mini- Fan– Let’s get it straight.  The air you get out of these yokes is about as much air as you get from a fart! Honestly.  And Koreans hang them around their necks like it’s essential to have for the heat and the zombie apocalypse.  I just don’t understand.  But also essential if you want to be truly “Korean”

4. Factor 5,000,000,000 sunscreen; Heaven forbid you might get a tan this summer.  The only Koreans I know who want tans are the young generation.  The old crowd shelter in the shade.  Anyone with white skin (i.e. the Irish) must at all costs stay away from shaded areas so as to escape with your life from the near molesting Koreans give white skinned foreigners. 

5. Picnic equipment; Korean LOVE picnics.  Just about every shaded space of park is filled with picnic blankets in the summer.  Therefore to fulfill our “operation Paddy Korean” we must have a picnic blanket in our bags ready for any opportunity to have a picnic.


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