10 Things I’ve started to do since I came to Korea.

There are a lot of things I’ve only started to do since I came to Korea.  For the good of mankind, I thought I’d write them down.

1. Saying everything twice; I don’t know if I think Koreans will understand better but I always say things twice.  Hello Hello, bye bye, sorry sorry, thank you thank you, ok ok, nice nice.  Now I literally can’t stop doing it.  Now I literally can’t stop doing it. See? See? MUST……………STOP……………………..

2. Eating things with chopsticks; No chopsticks in Ireland and although I was an epic fail for a while, my chopstick skills have actually improved.

3. Walking everywhere;It’s no wonder I’m looking for a few pounds.   In Ireland, I drove everywhere, not because I loved my car, Suzie (r.i.p.), but because I had to, otherwise it would have taken me a week to get anywhere. I don’t have a car here so I walk everywhere, around my city, around Ilsan, around Seoul.  When its a little too far, I take the bus or use the subway.

4. Drinking outside 7-11; This is not going to do my “looking for a husband” mission any good but when the weather is hot enough at night, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a few beers outside 7-11 with the good citizens of Geumchon.  Excellent craic, great people spotting, cheaper than a bar and just 20 steps from my apartment where I can return any time I feel like it. A little classy……..??????

5. Putting my make up on anywhere; I wasn’t ever too fussed about my makeup in Ireland but Korea turns me into another person.  I literally have makeup in my bag at all times ( you never know, there could be an emergency…….) and will top it up anywhere.  For social research purposes, I’ve put makeup on, riding the bus, waiting for the subway, on the subway,  in the elevator, in taxis and of course in bathrooms.

6. Eating Watermelon like it’s going out of fashion; Was I the only one who barely knew what a watermelon looked like before Korea????? Seriously, there was never a watermelon in the Browne house.  But here once the weather gets nice I am eating watermelon almost everyday.  Any visit to Korean friends guarantees watermelon……why????why??????

7. Considering Dodko “ours”; I’ve never been to Dodko and don’t really care about it but every time someone mentions the D word, I automatically say “DOKDO IS OURS!!!!!!!”

8. Watching Korean dramas on t.v. just to “improve my Korean”; I can spend hours watching a drama on t.v. that’s in Korean and not have a clue whats going on.  I have some super skills in making the storyline up myself though.  And as a method of learning Korean, it’s not half bad.  This kind of thing would never have happened in Ireland.

9. Consider “service” a worldwide necessity; In Ireland, I run out of shops for fear they will charge me more but in Korea, I linger at the counter supervising the service handout.  Seriously, you can never get enough service and the sample sizes are soooooooooo handy when you go on holiday or a weekend away.  Long may it last.

10. Getting out and staying out more; Every available opportunity will see me out and about.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a drink with my friends or out for the whole night, I’ll be there.Many’s the night we’ll stay out in Seoul until the first train the next morning.    This just isn’t feasible in Ireland as I live in a rural area so any attempt at going out needs military style planning.  Here, I’m within a few minutes of everywhere.  It’s great.  If anyone’s ever in Paju, give me a call……….

Ok so actually I just thought of one more;

11. Taking off my shoes; This is another one of those “I can’t stop doing it” things.  Literally it’s an automatic reaction.  When I went home to Ireland, everytime I walked in to the house, I took my shoes off.  No one else was too impressed by the pile of shoes inside the door but since when do we care what anyone else thinks???????

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