Geumchon Crew- Closing drinking establishments since 2009.

After my last blog I feel I might be digging my grave and ending any possible invitation to anything with this one.  But I can’t help it, because as I sit here eating my Taytos, drinking my tea, the two bottles of acquired alcohol are egging me to tell you about our amazing ability to close bars.  Before I start just remember that it might just be a big coincidence and have nothing to with us at all…….

Let’s go back to 2009.  Wednesday night is the night we all get together in a regular bar and have a few drinks and a chat.  So back in the day the bar of choice was MTB. Great place, dirty couches, rude barman, never too busy and perfect for 30 foreigners to have a mid week drink in.  It was right next to my apartment an on a pedestrian street we called “Puke Alley” because, well I don’t have to tell you why.   Shortly after I arrived…………. it closed. 

Then it was JJ’s.  A better location and a better bar in general.  More drinks, cleaner seats, more customers, a dart board and a pool table.  Oh yes, this is where we spent may a night.  Even better was that the owners spoke English so we actually got along with them.  Then after about 8 or 9 months of us going there, they told us the worst possible news- they were closing.  Worse still there was no closing down party.  Sad times indeed. 

After a respectable mourning period we moved across he street to Mafia Bar.  Actually that’s not what it’s called but it’s one of those places where maybe only the mafia go into.  Anyway Mafia didn’t close down (yet) but it was closed one nigh that we were thirsty.  So we went straight across th street to Santanas and oh it was like all our Christmas’s in one.  The perfect bar.  A great bar man, great atmosphere, big enough for us all, down in the basement so we could be as loud as we wanted, no real closing time, an owner who would crack open a bottle of wine when he arrived AND darts.  Dougal and I have some serious Dart playing skill.  Anyway, we built up this incredible friendship with the bar man and owner (who also owns a chicken store, handy eh?????) Everything was going swimmingly for the last 10 months or so until last week when we heard the dreaded news.  It was closing. Shock and horror. 

So you see, one bar is bad luck, two bars is a coincidence but three not that’s just wrong.  We’re going to be in mourning over Santanas for a while but when we find a new bar, I’ll let ye know and we can put bets on how long it will last before the curse of the Geumchon Crew gets it………………..

Pictures of Santanas last night………