Better late than never………

So here I am, finally.  I’ve been in Korea for over 2 years and it’s taken me this long to finally get blogging.  It’s not that I hav super interesting things to say, but I figure someone might get a good old laugh out of the randomness that happens to me on a daily basis.  Let me tell you what happened last night and we’ll take it from there. 

Sometimes the best and sometimes the worst thing about being in Korea is the constant stream of friends.  Contracts here are usually a year long so each year we get new friends but lose old ones.  I’m so used to saying goodbye that it rarely affects me anymore.  So in my area (Paju), we’ve had a few new additions to the group.  Excellent, Geumchon was looking like it was going to die in numbers compared to Munsan (the other side).  So last night Anel and Johan, a South African couple invited us out to Gyoha to have a few drinks with old friends of Johans.  Now I wouldn’t have gone only there was the promise of a norebang.  And if that word is even being considered I’m there. I all kinds of LOVE the norebang or Kareoke room. 

After a late arrival, I was introduced to not 1 not 2 but like 8 new friends.  Happy Days.    And what great people they turned out to be.  After a great chat and general craziness (ye Doogs excellent first impressions) we headed to the norebang, where it is official that Anel and I are the new Ike and Tina, Bonnie and Cher or whatever great duo you can think of………… Just so you know, usually the norebang is a girls thing but the boys last night gave us a run for our money belting out some classics like “I’m a Barbie girl”, “YMCA” and others that shall not be mentioned.  Classic.

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